KeePassDX not new version on F-Droid

Hey guys, I was about to download KeePassDX but I noticed the version available in the f-droid app is 2.9.1 but on the f-froid website is 3.0.0.

What’s going on? How can I verify the app is genuine with this issue?


Have you refreshed your F-Droid?

Are you on less than Android 4.0?

It’s working now.

I added the additional 3 default repositories recomendations and refeshed, it is the new version now. Don’t know what of the two worked.

Is there a way to know from wich repository I’m going to download an app?

I checked it clicking on the version. From the main one f-droid.

This is solved. Probably had to refresh. Thanks!

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