Keep track of my Bluetooth devices


is there an app that keeps track of the own Bluetooth devices, i.e. date and location (e.g. WiFi SSID or GPS) of last connection? If a device is lost, this app could help finding the device.

It may be a language nitpick, but devices don’t get lost. People lose devices.

Anyway, what kinds of devices are you concerned with losing?

If it’s a motorized smart device, like a vacuum cleaner, it can get lost :smiley:

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No time soon will it be a lost soul. :smiley:

Reality of FOSS projects...A conspiracy? - #80 by Licaon_Kter has a find your device suggestion.

I’m concerned about any gadgets that can be connected via Bluetooth, e.g. headphones, but not about my smart phone itself. FindMyDevice doesn’t cover this case, but thanks for the suggestion.

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