[KDE Connect] Main Volume control + widget "request"

I have some player volume control issue (mellowplayer)
I would love to have a simple way to control main volume from app.
The command amixer -D pulse sset Master 5%+ and amixer -D pulse sset Master 5%- are working like a charm. That would be awesome to have them integrated instead of “app volume” which is not really standard.
This brings me to the second request:
Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple UI menu/widget with HDTV control? Like next/last track, main volume control and specially (because I am a lazy ass) power control (similar as Android one) with suspend/off/reboot …etc
All this command are working perfectly with the command menu. That’s just a bit nerdy to have to go through all this menus for something so “standard”
Bear in mind, I’m totally new to the app and may have missed something.
Ah, and finally, not really related, but the kdeconnect-indicator doesn’t starts from alone (service does tho) on 18.04 + unity desktop <- yeah I’m that guy with unity in 2018 :innocent:. I just had to add a command in the startup menu to the /kdeconnect-indicator :slight_smile:
Very nice program, me very happier in life now :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Why did you post this here exactly? Maybe you need to do this on their forum…

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