KDE-Connect and my Android phone

Morning, everybody,

I don’t know if I’m in the right place to post this message…
I am trying in vain to connect my mobile phone to my computer using KDE-Connect.
My phone contains the apk KDE-Connect as well as my computer.
The computer is on Ethernet, so I have connected my phone to the computer with a USB cable.
But the KDE-Connect application installed on my computer cannot find my mobile phone.
How can I solve this problem?
I have searched through the documentation (in English) but I have not found anything or I have searched wrong.
Thanks to all of you.

Doesn’t this work on Wi-Fi (says as much in the description), aka have the device in the same LAN as the PC ?

I’ve no Wi-fi on the PC. I’ve only an Ethernet connection.

The PC is connected to the same router that provides Wi-Fi for your device? Then both are “in the same network”

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