K-9 mail support forum not working

I wanted to ask a question about k-9 mail (I just started using it today) and tried to register on their support forum. However, the activation mail is never sent. I tried several times with two different email addresses, checked spam boxes, waited an hour and tried again, etc. Does anyone here know if this is a known issue with their support forum?

And, just in case someone here is a k-9 expert, here’s the question I wanted to ask:

Is there a way to sign out of my mail account, preferably automatically on locking my device, or manually by tapping a “sign out” button? Additionally, can k-9 be set to not remember my password?

I don’t know, but you could search issues on their issue tracker on mikrohsoft’s github, and file a new issue there if not.

Regarding the problem with the forum I recommend you to contact directly the team of k9-mail, maybe on mastodon (@k9mail@fosstodon.org) or on twitter (@k9mail_app), but first I would make another attempt to register, maybe it was simply a temporary problem of the server.

Regarding the possibility to disconnect and not allow the storage of the password I do not think it is possible because the usefulness of using a mail client is precisely to stay connected to your account in order to receive notifications of new mail received. If you need to disconnect every time you could use the webmail from the browser, maybe setting the deletion of cookies when you close the tab/exit the browser.

Thanks for your reply. I will probably go back to webmail, in that case. The use case for me was the ability to have an archive of old emails available, even when i’m offline. Plus I also liked k-9’s user interface. :slight_smile:

I will try registering on their forum again later and if it still doesn’t work, I’ll notify them in some way.

Just send me a DM here if it still doesn’t work. I’m a moderator on K-9’s forum and can have a look at what might be going wrong with your confirmation mail.

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