K-9 Mail is Thunderbird now

Don’t be surprised by the rebranding :slight_smile:


Old news: Update K-9 Mail (donation link) (!11177) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

This is not exclusively to inform the F-Droid staff, who are the ones who are most aware of Gitlab.

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Y U can’t into joke? :slight_smile:


is this good or bad news?

In the end, only time can tell, but I like Thunderbird on my computer and this will allow the K-9 Mail developer to work fulltime on K-9 Mail without having to hunt for donations. It will also get some extra developers on the team. I’m optimistic, at least.


So will K9 Mail on F-Droid turn into Thunderbird down the road?
I mean that’s what I understand at least, Am I correct?

The name change? Maybe/surely… does it matter?

Kind of I’m just curious because down the road when I update K9 Mail that one day it will Thunderbird instead? Or will we have to uninstall K9 Mail eventually then install Thunderbird?

As I understood the Thunderbird team, the plan was to at some point rename K-9 Mail to Thunderbird. But I’m not part of the Thunderbird team so can’t give a 100% certain response to it.

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Don’t think they’ll abandon K9, users will be mad if they have to backup/restore :slight_smile:


OK thanks I hope your right. :slight_smile:

According to my information, the K-9 app will stay on GooglePlay/F-Droid and continue to receive updates, while thunderbird will be a second app. From a technical point of view, K-9 will become a “build flavor” of Thunderbird. No guarantees, though – maybe the plan was changed in the meantime.

Not sure it is a good news. Thunderbird is a part of Mozilla and uses the same privacy notice: Thunderbird Privacy Notice — Mozilla

Mozilla’s browsers contain thousands of trackers impossible to remove. Years ago, I had a chat with one of Firefox’s developers. Basically, the gist of his response (to my question about removal of trackers) was - IMPOSSIBLE! There are so many of them intertwined with the code that one would need to literally start from ‘ground zero’ to build an entirely new browser.


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