Just looking for a device "spell (spec) check"

I purchased a Google Pixel 7 (that I just put Graphene OS on, because I don’t know what I am doing, and just wanted a google free phone that isn’t brax2) back in november, and just got around to “setting it up” and noticed when I pulled out the sim card slot, there is only space for a sim, and no SD card.
No need to explain why all phones don’t automatically come with that slot (no matter how much I don’t understand it, I’m sure the reason is the usual: money); but can someone tell me where in the ebay specs below I was supposed to be able to tell that it doesn’t have that as (not?) part of the phone:

Item specifics

Excellent - Refurbished

Seller Notes
“Fully tested and restored to factory settings by our in house technicians. - Excellent - This product is in excellent cosmetic condition with a minimum battery health of 85%. This item has been fully tested, restored to factory settings and is in excellent working order.”


Google Pixel 7

Storage Capacity
128 GB


Camera Resolution
50.0 Megapixel

Screen Size
6.3 in

3G, 4G, 4G+, 5G, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE, NFC, Tri-Band, USB Type-C, Wi-Fi

Lock Status
Network Unlocked

Octa Core

8 GB

4K Video Recording, AMOLED Display, Bluetooth Enabled, Camera, Dual Rear Cameras, Email Access, eSIM, Fast Charging, Fast Wireless Charging, Fingerprint Sensor, Front Camera, GPS, Music Player, Nano SIM, NFC Connectivity, Proximity Sensor, Touch Screen, Wi-Fi Capable

SIM Card Slot
Dual SIM (SIM + eSIM)

Without Contract

Operating System


Chipset Model
Google Tensor G2

Custom Bundle

Item description from the seller

The “storage” part, if it’s not mentioned, it is most likely to not be available. I would recommend using sites whose declare it in the specs, like GSMArena. Example: Google Pixel 7 - Full phone specifications

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Hi Henri,

Great reply.

I guess I was right that this seller on Ebay did not include that info in their specs. I sent them a message about it, before I went through with giving them a sh** review for it, and they replied saying they would refund it.
I asked them what Pixel phones they had for sale that DO have SD card ability, and am waiting to hear back.

Appreciate it Henri.

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none have… look them up on gsmarena

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Hello Licaon,

Great reply.

It actually makes me want to ask another question about his same topic, but different direction: should I ask it here, or make another “create topic”?

continue here

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Does anyone know why none of the Pixels have the SD card slot??? With the amount of space needed to save so many kinds of apps and never ending updates, how (even if the manufacturing cost savings is mildly there) does it make any sense going forward to have your product line NOT designed with expansion in mind?
Additionally, does anyone also know how could google think the idea of having their entire (or even predominant) Pixel line, be manufactured without an SD card, was a good idea for customer longevity, i.e. return customers?

I can fill up a 128Gb SD card in a matter of months with various video downloads, photos, videos, and audio recordings taken.

Isn’t this common knowledge already? Same as Apple:

  1. force you to pay more for the bigger storage version
  2. use Google/Apple services and upload unencrypted files (documents/pictures/videos) to their servers (free or paid for).
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Excuse my ignorance.
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

P.s. Is there a work around for this with this/their phones, or does everyone just get a Pinephone, or DivestOS?

If you happen to say Divest OS; do you then by chance happen to know of a topic on here that goes over a start to finish step-by-step guide for neanderthals (like myself) on installing it on phones in general?
I’ve gone to their “Install” section, but then I become guilty of the meme " Instructions not clear, body appendage stuck in ceiling fan ", after reading it.

or join the XMPP channel: xmpp:divestos-mobile@conference.konvers.me?join

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As a workaround to the lack of storage you can

  1. Set up an online storage from a privacy-friendly provider (or even run a server yourself).
  2. Use a USB flash drive with a USB C interface (all modern phones work with them out of the box).

But both are inconvinient, THB.

P.S. I used to own a Google Nexus 4 with 16 GB of storage. Can feel your pain.


This a long article to read.

Let me bust out the neck brace for this one!

Currently stuck with a Motorola G Play 2021, 20GB of storage :frowning:
which is why I was getting the Pixel 7 w/ Graphene OS, i.e. Privacy phone w/ storage.

Anyhow, if I can’t find something soon with Liacon’s XMPP? channel OR a phone that I can get DivestOS w/ , then i’ll just go back to having to get a Pixel and use your 2nd option, for the foreseeable future

not an articles… a thread…

what? Get Conversations | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository then join divestos-mobile@conference.konvers.me wait for access

My mistake.

So, if I am understanding your reply with the link (correctly): that download is a workaround for installing a DivestOS on a non SD card compatible Android phone?

we are lost in translation

First link is the local Forum thread where Divest users and fans ask for help, discuss

Second link is the XMPP client Conversations that helps you join the XMPP support channel of the Divest OS project if you want to interact in realtime.

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