Joplin not showing in Updates

I’ve noticed for some time that new versions of Joplin do not show up in the Updates list. I have to remember to go to it manually and check. If a newer version is available I can update it without issue.

Any reason for this particular behavior?
On my ROMs I’m using either F-Droid 1.15.6 or F-Droid Classic 1.3-beta2.

F-Droid 1.15.6

Stuck on Android 5 and can’t get 1.17?

new versions of Joplin do not show up in the Updates list.

Can you attach a picture from when that happens with the Versions expanded?

Hah, no. Old habit from my flashaholic muliibooting days I always save the APKs. F-Droid 1.16+ uses package names instead of labels which is a no go for me. :grin:

Anyway, on a ROM that did not have Joplin I installed 2.11.27 leaving two newer versions available. Did a refresh and Joplin is not listed in the updates.

From which repo did you install Joplin? Izzy or F-Droid?

Can you disable the Izzy repo and make another Versions screenshot now?

You’re fast. Was just about to edit my post about that.

On the test ROM that never had Joplin I installed from F-Droid repo. The others have had Joplin for so long I used whatever repo the app was originally available from.

Disabled IzzyOnDroid and then Joplin was listed in the updates. Re-enabled and it disappeared. Seeing the Izzy provided 2.10.9 listed as the recommended version did seem odd.

@Izzy why aren’t you getting updated Joplin?

@marcdw1289 must be one of those “multiple repos” or “repo position” issues :frowning:

Ah yes. I’ve dealt with the repo position thing before. Gotten used to it with so many repos I have.

Please show me the update: Releases · laurent22/joplin-android · GitHub (my repo has v2.10.0 – the releases page at Github has v2.9.8 at top; so what do you want me to update to?) Maybe you’re barking at the wrong tree, and should direct your question to Laurent (the author)?

And before you ask where I got 2.10.0 from, I just dug that up: Github is messing up releases from time to time, so v2.10.0 is “on some other page” and I had to pick it manually, as their API messed it up. Now you can dig further and find some v2.11.31 on page 2, with the APK being 40 MB and thus over the 30 MB limit in my repo – apart from the fact that, due to Github having messed up (in this case seemingly ordering releases by alphabet), wouldn’t be found by my updater. So you can also blame Github :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To complete the confusion: I’ve partly fixed on my end what Github messed up on theirs (by not relying on their order but re-ordering locally), but:

$ iod repo get net.cozic.joplin
net.cozic.joplin: looking for ''
net.cozic.joplin: checking tag 'android-v2.11.31'
net.cozic.joplin: lastRelNo set to '2.11.31', checking for files
net.cozic.joplin: Upstream date (2023-04-17 21:24) not newer than ours (2023-04-17 21:24), skipping.
net.cozic.joplin: returning local appdata as ['2.10.9','',0]
net.cozic.joplin: 2.10.9 up-to-date.

Size is that larrge due to native libs being included for armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64, mips and mips64 (no idea who will ever need the latter two).

So thanks to your friendly inquiry, I will now make an exception and manually update to the oversized release – while in parallel opening an upstream issue to please provide per-ABI builds.


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