Jitsi Meet unique id

Hi there!

I would like to publish the fdroid version of Jitsi Meet within our Enterprise Mobility Management/Unified Endpoint Management Sophos Mobile. Since we use Android Enterprise, I have to create a private app in Google Play for work.

This is not possible because of the unique id - please see screenshot below:

There is a corresponding discussion in the Sophos forum: https://community.sophos.com/products/sophos-central/f/general/120244/add-apk-to-sophos-central-mobile

I would like to kindly ask if it’s possible to publish a fdroid version of Jitsi Meet with a unique id that can be used as private app in Google Play for work so that I can roll out this version to our users?

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And you don’t build your own app with your chosen appID because? Not sure why an Enterprise like yours depends on volunteers work like F-Droid.

BTW, funny thing, the appID is not “taken by F-Droid” but by “the app developers”: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.jitsi.meet

/PS: Why not deploy F-Droid client and a local F-Droid repo for your Enterprise instead?


Like @Licaon_Kter said, you can build the app with a changed package id yourself.

Alternatively we can discuss contracting work. You can find my contact info here, if that’s something that would work for you: https://bubu1.eu


Thank you guyes!

We are just a small public service company, and I was asked by our data protection officer if there would be a simple solution to publish the frdoid version within our EMM…

I will take a closer look at building the app with a changed package id by myself, like @Licaon_Kter mentioned.

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