I've Installed Shelter (SnadBox) how does work

I’ve installed Shelter to isolate facebook, I see fb in Main, I click on it and a message pops up saying; "Operations for Facebook: Clone to Shelter (Work Profile), then below that is say; Uninstall.

Does the fact that Shelter being in Main indicate it is sandboxed? Along withe all the otherApps listed. The list of Apps in Main propagated by the App.

Do ask this in their issue page here: https://github.com/PeterCxy/Shelter/issues


What I do when I use Shelter.

If I installed an app in main, then I click on it in Shelter and select ‘Clone to Shelter’.
Once installed in the work profile I go back to Shelter main and click on the app and select uninstall to uninstall it from the main profile.

I think it is the way to do. If you have the apk you can install directly in the work profile.

Remember to freeze the app after using it. Like this there is no background activity for that app.

And how to freeze ? Do you freeze individually ?
Thank you.

just press the button freeze!

You also have the option of Auto Freeze. Then by adding a shortcut for a batch freeze you’ll stop the their background activity for all at once (all where the Auto Freeze option is selected)

So what is the difference between the button freeze and the shortcut for a batch freeze?

Batch Freeze will freeze all the apps on yout work profile with Auto Freeze enabled

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