It's not possible to move down and see Permissions and Versions in the F-Droid-app on "A95X F2" Smart TV Box with Android 9

When using the F-Droid-app on “A95X F2” Smart TV Box, with Android 9, it’s not possible to move down and see or select Permissions and Versions of a app I want to install. It’s not possible to move down with the down arrow key on the remote, not in regular-mode or in markor-mode.
I use the latest F-Droid-app version 1.7.1

Could someone please look for a way to fix this and then release a new version of the F-Droid-app where this is working?

TVs are not yet supported.

It’s not a TV. It’s a Android TV Box with separtate remote (not the TV remote), like “NVidia Shield”. Do you know what that is? If they are not supported yet: will they be supported in the future? If yes: about when?

TV like, yeah there’s some work,

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