It's difficult to root a new Smartphone?

Hi !

I want to save all date on an application which I use very often…
But I don’t use Neo Backup because my present smartphone don’t have root enabled…
It is an Xiaomi RN 8 Pro 128 Gb version. On Android 10.
I don’t want to reinitialize device because I loste everything.
I wait to buy a new Smartphone and root this new one.
I never try this.


Same here. A thought has struck, but not sure if exposed to /data and /app-data is possible via adb. :frowning:

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Depends on model. see XDA forums about how to do that.

Note that some custom ROMs like Calyx have SeedVault that can help with backups, without root.


Adb can save/restore app data but any app can disable that… and many do.

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Yeah, but on a non-rooted phone? How? I tried searching and trying, but cannot seem to get anything to help me with it. If it works, it will help me save as well as restore app data for non-rooted phone.

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Yes, on an unrooted phone… and any App is free to block this.

Yes, I understood it the first time itself, hence asking: how to save and restore?