Is this the correct way to publish another app?

Hello, I want to publish my third app, but in the previous two times ( and I have had many problems that I have found with the help of this forum. Therefore, before making the same mistakes, I want to know if this is the right process to publish my new app:

  1. git clone MYACCOUNT/fdroiddata
  2. cd fdroiddata
  3. fdroid readmeta
  4. fdroid import --url --subdir app
  5. fdroid readmeta
  6. fdroid rewritemeta com.pvpc.precio_luz
  7. fdroid checkupdates com.pvpc.precio_luz
  8. fdroid checkupdates --allow-dirty com.pvpc.precio_luz
  9. fdroid lint com.pvpc.precio_luz
  10. fdroid build -v -l com.pvpc.precio_luz
  11. git remote add upstream
  12. git fetch upstream && git merge upstream/master && git push origin master
  13. git checkout -b precio_luz
  14. kate metadata/com.pvpc.precio_luz.yml
  15. git commit -a -m “new app: Precio Luz”
  16. git push origin precio_luz

Is this correct? Thank you.

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