Is there even a need?

Is there a way for users to give feedback (pro or con) directly to the app developer
via the same Fdroid app they are using?
E.g unlike the “verbose report”, or whatever its called, that your given from [insert app name here] to email to github?, (since unfortunately I dont have email client set up on my phone) hence someone wanting to send it directly to the app maker via their app.

Which app: any.
Why: in case at any point in time, the creator would like to listen to his/her users about the complaints, or praises, of their app.
It wont get looked at for a long time: thats fine, but at least its logged somewhere for some one to look at if they ever decide to do the work.
I notice there is almost a “seasonal” return of new FDroid users posting a thread about “wanting suggestions on a NEW app they want to develope” which I appluad, sincerly, but the fact is, we already have lots of good apps already, that either just need fixing, or additions made to them.

In app details, expand Links, there’s a “Issues” link that directs you to the proper channels.

F-Droid just builds the app, it’s not a proxy for feedback :person_shrugging: :slight_smile:


Thats interesting: usually the manufacturer (analogous to FDroid) of x widget prefers direct feedback about its widget, instead of going through a middleman; hmm, well, shows what I know😅

again, f-droid does not manufacture the code… the app is a/the result of the code… and in the best way, for reproducible apps, the actual result is identical to the writer of the code app.

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