Is there any way to update my app page, it's outdated and has a wrong link

I was wondering if there was a way to edit my app’s F-Droid page, it appears to have stopped displaying the latest versions of the app, the Build Metadata link is pointing to the correct URL except it ends with .yml instead of .txt, and the technical info page is also not updating as it used to. Are these widespread issues or is something just going screwy with mine?

Of course! We welcome contributions, especially from the “upstream” developer. You are correct that the build metadata file is the right place to edit. Merge requests are the best way to submit changes to those. As for .yml vs .txt, we are migrating all to .yml. You can use fdroid rewrite --to yml app.reading.stoic.stoicreading to automatically convert yours, then review the changes to make sure it worked without error.

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He meant :pleading_face:

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