Is there any terminal app available in android

I was using termux and it is no more maintained so is there any good app.

Do you mean Termux?

Got its last update 6 weeks ago and the repo looks maintained too.

Not aware of any other terminal app, that isn’t a Termux fork (like Nix-On-Droid, if the nix package manager is your thing)

There’s the classic great-grandaddy app… no longer maintained

the newer more updated fork of it

connectbot is a different one

vxconnectbot forked from connectbot, has more features, but is no longer as up to date as the original

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Those are not “like Termux”

OP didn’t ask for “like Termux”, he asked for “any terminal app available”.

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Using Termux means more than a terminal, and none other (of those listed) can do the same. That’s what I meant.

Yes the title feels incomplete :slight_smile:

In the repo IzzyOnDroid there is “Another Term” Another Term - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

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