Is there any style guide for translators

I mean both generic style guide and language specific style guide.

For example, using the AOSP translation, following Android Developer Documentation wording preference, clarifying some language specifc issue and so on.

This may help avoid edit war in Weblate.

Further more, is there any translation workflow which needs to comply strictly?

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A full style guide would be wonderful to have. Do you want to start one? The easiest place to start would probably be on the wiki: I can give anyone’s GitLab account edit access, just ask. Or use the anonymous account listed there. Then there should be a link to it in the overview docs:

I agree we want to match AOSP since all users will be seeing those strings.

As for the Weblate workflow, that is discussed here, please give your opinions there:

TBH, I don’t have any experience for writing such a generic style guide (for all languages).
And I do want to help writing a style guide for Simplified Chinese. It is not a hard work. But I don’t have time to do it now. I will inform you when I am ready.

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@JY3 if you want to use Home · Wiki · F-Droid / wiki · GitLab for your work, just let me know your account, and I’ll give you edit access.

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