Is there an F-Droid archive?

Beforehand, thank you for all the work in F-Droid.
It’s water among what increasingly becomes big-corp swill.

Is there a web archive for old versions of apps?

When you update an app, you only keep a few previous versions on the website page, and sometimes the app changes considerably, and the significant previous version is no longer available there.
Some places list, but there is nothing there.

Some files can be gotten through git or, but not all.


Yes, in F-Droid client enable settings, repos, Archive.

No web portal though.

Which app has issues?

Thank you for your answer.

I use apk sideloads.

I got used to Transistor 3.2, and whilst 4 is fine, prefer the former - got it again from git, which is alright.
Can’t use the new Fennec F-Droid, it’s junk. Got the previous 68.* version again from, which is not the same as getting it from here - meanwhile, will try IceCat, maybe it’s great.


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