Is there an application to create a VM for Android?

Hello, is there an application in f-droid that is similar in functionality to “vmos-pro”?

<Vmos-pro is a proprietary application for creating a virtual android, vmos is somewhat similar to VB-(VirtualBox)>

I know the existence of “shelter” and “insular”. Yes, they are not bad, but that’s not it. They use Android’s built-in “work profile”

If there is no such application, then let this be an idea to create

There is VirtualXposed. It’s not updated for a long time though.

I checked this application and it didn’t even start. (most likely due to Android compatibility, the developer writes that his application definitely works with Android 5 to 9, but I have Android 13, I can’t even get logs with errors) Thanks for the offer.

VirtualXposed has closed source elements. And vmos-pro is generally completely proprietary.
And after that, it feels like an application of this kind cannot be completely FOSS (closed Android libraries and so on)

you must Unlocked Bootloader

I’m more concerned with making Waydroid an apk.