Is there an app that can automatically answer the phone?

So supposing you have 2 phones.
you call from phone nr 1 to phone nr 2.
The app installed on phone number 2 makes sure the phone is answered immediately (without anyone else having to do it)

Is there a app that makes this possible?

Call forwarding (check w/ service provider for phone 1) + Coma Phone should work

This one may be better maintained, although the original poster might be looking for something that answers without any user action?

Raise To Answer (Simply hold your phone to your ear to answer an incoming call)

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ComaPhone (last commit 3ya) does say it’s a fork of RaiseToAnswer (last commit 2ma), so, if there’s something that needs updated, it’s potentially be able to be ported back?

I think everything that was useful was merged back, @TheLastProject ?

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