Is there an app (apk) with the same features as Google's TRUST privacy (Android Oreo 8.1 version)

I always root and install custom ROM’s but since acquiring the HTC 10 I can only get sense based custom ROM’s with Oreo 8.0. Only LineageOS and HavocOS give me the option to have the Oreo 8.1 firmware version which has a privacy option called TRUST that can stop any app from keeping on background data, background activity or re-starting or any other pesky activity which keeps apps in memory. A few examples are Facebook and Messenger which are notorious. The problem with non-sense custom firmware is that I loose HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio which is a must-have for me. So if there is an app with similar options please let me know. Thanks

“Brevent” but it’s not open-source

That’s great thanks.

In order to overview such apps I’ve updated ApplicationsInfos with colors & mini-tags (and basic fixes).

There are several distinctions per app: Persistent / Stopped / Inactive (marshmallow and up) /Suspended (deprecated).

Since Marshmallow the Inactive feature is embedded in all roms under Developper/Options->Inactive apps; so you can passive any user app.

With coming Pie , Inactive status has been rebranded a lot :

@Licaon_Kter , I have open an issue ; how can it be “granted” to a merge-request ?

I’ve also added checked color to show app with granted permission READ_LOGS; which can be performed transitively when apps have a common SharedUserId (which is also added in my fork : uid #)

Maybe I should re-brand the name and push an rfp ? I did contact original dev but didn’t get any answers; also I noticed @HenriDellal did push Russian translation to original repo and thus will miss possible similar future commits ? (

Thx for helping.

you can download my app here :

Change app ID, amend description to be clear it’s a fork and then yes… open a RFP

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I do agree & will do it soon (also I’m working on included feature to scan Exodus trackers within my future release of ApplicationsInfo)

… but I still believe that such discontinued scholastic apps could have a rebranded specific “nightly” flavour to help documentary l.t.s. with basic fixes (through /metadata/*.diff ?) : , (although I understand how hard it is to “certified” such a global process).

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