Is there a way to update apk with the same "versionCode"?


I have two APK files with different “versionName” but their “versionCode” is the same.

aaptdump output:
package: name='' versionCode='50' versionName='' compileSdkVersion='30' compileSdkVersionCodename='11'
package: name='' versionCode='50' versionName='' compileSdkVersion='31' compileSdkVersionCodename='12'

For test update, first of all I add OLD version to fdroid/repo and run
fdroid update --create-metadata --rename-apks --pretty
and install OLD version on FDroid Client.

Then I add NEW apk version in fdroid/repo and also run
fdroid update --create-metadata --rename-apks --pretty

But in FDroid client I see two versions of app that mark as "installed" and "suggested", but only OLD version has installed yet and I don’t have button “update”.

In the repo dir there are two files:

where 50_db49… is new apk file.

No, AndroidF-Droid Client thinks it’s the same basically.

Why not bump versionCode?

May I bump version Code when I have only binary apk files, or it possible only on build?

Ah, only on build.

Thank You!

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