Is there a program that deletes the original programs

Is there a program that deletes the original programs, for example: camera microphone

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Those are not programs, those are sensors.

Also, please don’t blindly trust that scanner: False positives? · Issue #4 · projectmatris/antimalwareapp · GitHub

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I sent a net photo, I meant to delete the samsung camera, samsung microphone and what is unnecessary

Those can be disabled, maybe with adb, but you’d need to install other apps to use the camera and the microphone.

I’m a beginner in this area, I don’t know what to do (you just need to go to the settings and stop these programs like this?)

What are you trying to achieve? What’s the end goal? What’s you “threat model”?

I’m just testing what can be done with a mobile phone, I want to delete what is unnecessary, I want independence (I want a phone made for me, not the kind sold by factories) is this possible?

Depends on device, maybe start by installing a privacy friendly-er Android first, less work for you :wink:

Is you device supported by Calyx? Install CalyxOS

Or Divest?

Or LineageOS? Devices | LineageOS Wiki

Or Graphene? Releases | GrapheneOS

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Which phone do you think is the best?

The one you have in the hand.

Else, depends on budget…

Great so, Pixel 7 Pro with a better OS then, like Calyx, go for it :slight_smile:

thank you for your time for me






Never trust GrapheneOS.

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