Is there a place/way to check an app's update/build status

An App I got from F-Droid received an update 2 days ago.
However, the version on F-Droid is still the old one.

Since I don’t have any apps made myself and didn’t find a documentation page covering how F-Droid updates and builds the application am I asking here now.

Is there any page I can check for if the spp is being updated or at least qued up?

Check the metadata in F-Droid / Data · GitLab for update. You can find the corresponding build metadata in the app page. Check running - F-Droid Monitor for build status.

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The yml file seems to be updated, so either it wasn’t built/uploaded yet or perhaps a cache thing…

May I ask which specific app we are talking about? Maybe it’s a special case or something…

It’s the Tusky app.
They published a release on GitHub 2 days ago and as said is the metadata file for it also displaying version 20, which is the latest one they have.

So probs just not yet processed in the pipeline I would assume (or a build failure, tho the Build status app isn’t displaying anything like that for the app).

You can check Commits · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab. When a build cycle finishes, there will be a Update known apks commit. The app updated in the last cycle will be built in this cycle.

We have some basic documentation on how it works: FAQ · Wiki · F-Droid / wiki · GitLab

Also, the app F-Droid Build Status | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository is great if you want to check the status of an app’s build in an app.


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