Is there a good IDE for free app development for Android?

More specifically, what IDE do you use when you do android development? Do you just use Android Studio or do you use something else?

I’m trying to decide what I should use.

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I use vim. The best IDE ever.


I use Android Studio for the bulk of the dev. But I’ll use Geany, vim, and perl on occasion when the IDE isn’t up to a complex find/replace task.

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I mostly use Android Studio, sed, and grep, as well as occasionally emacs for specific things. From what I’ve seen, if you disable all the Google plugins, then Android Studio is probably pretty close to being 100% free software. The ironic thing is that the license on the Google SDK binaries is non-free, even though the source is free.

In my opinion Android Studio is the best IDE of the bunch, used Intellij IDE but still i prefer Android Studio. And if you really wanna change then i guess Intellij.

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I also use Android Studio for developing Privacy Browser.

So I guess nobody is using a Free (as in freedom and RMS approved) IDE for development around here?

Like? vim/macs with

For relatively simple apps, any Java IDE should work. I often edit Android code with emacs since its so much faster.

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Code “React Native” in vscode

I am completely new to Android development, so I just held my nose, created a new user account, and installed Android Studio.

Once I understand what I’m doing, I might switch to a more command-line oriented pipeline with vim at its center. I already find myself actually editing source with vim anyway, and doing only the setup and compliation stuff in Studio.

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