Is there a fax app?

Is there an Android app that will enable me to send a fax? I would like to print a form, fill it out, scan it, and then use my phone to send that document to a fax number. Is it possible?

I was recently asked to fax an important form, but I don’t have a landline or a fax machine. In fact I no longer know anyone who does. It just seems archaic to me (especially as no other options were given). I think there are online services for this, but since the form contains private info I’m reluctant to upload it anywhere (or rely on a closed source app, supposing there is one).

I think a special trip to some physical location will be necessary. Print services?

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It would be even better if you don’t print the form, just fill it on the device and add a signature :wink:

I believe there just one proprietary app, a paid one, that supports T.38 (the protocol needed to be able to send facsimiles)
Of curse, would need a compatible SIP provider to pay for the call that is routing your fax to the recipient machine.

Yes, you might have to go to a print shop or a post office. :thinking:

Yes, Fax is totally obsolete now, and replaced by emails (w attachments). Long time ago, a fax was required as a kind of proof (legally speaking). But it is no more required, an email is the same now.
So the question is : who is asking for a Fax nowadays ? it is a bit strange to me.

You can probably guess. The government and older financial institutions, slow to change, are still processing forms using fax.

I ended up going to a print shop where it cost me $3 a page to send a form for retirement services. Ironically I received instructions to fax the form via email…

Here is another example. Suppose you want to go backpacking in a national park ( Your choices to obtain the backcountry permit are to a) fax them the form, b) mail it to them, or c) show up in person with it. In this case I think the inconvenience might be intentional. :wink:

Fax is obsolete yet we’re walking around with a modem in our pockets at all times. Its kind of crazy what our phones are capable of (and yet also not capable).

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