is Slight backup app working?

I really wonder if Slight backup app is working.

My story is that I used this app to backup all my SMSs from a stock android. I backuped around 1400 SMSs in a single (xml?) file. I then reinstalled the phone with Lineage OS and tried to restore the SMSs from the backup file (wich I copied on a computer during the Lineage OS reinstall).

The restore seems to went well, but when I opened the SMS app, there was no SMSs restored.

I try to get help and support from the github repository but there is no issue tracker. There is only pull requests and there are never commented nor merged. In fact, the repository is not maintained any more, so I can’t get help or support.

I tried to get help from irc, on Freenode #lineageos, and here are some chats:

me: hi, is LineageOS using the standard sms app? I used Slight
Backup ( to
backup my sms from a stock android rom, and to restore it to a lineage
OS rom. The export and the import went well, but I can’t see any
imported sms in my LineageOS… :frowning:
me: If you click on the link of Slight Backup, they are talking about a
“standard sms app”…

another user: the question is, if the stock rom of your device uses this
standard app

me again: I think so, because Slight Backup showed that it
exported more than 3000 sms (and I can read them in the xml export file). I can also see that 3000+ sms are imported. I just cannot see them while opening the sms app. That’s why I think that LineageOS might not use the “default sms app”…

someone else: you would need to find out which content provider
got the data inserted and then if the LOS messaging app does use that

I’m not an expert in android but I tried to get some help from a friend, and he found that the restore feature does nothing.

Can anyone have a look at the source code to check if the restore feature is effective or not?

Can anyone testify that the app works or not for the restore feature?

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