Is Simple Gallery Pro by Tibor Kaputa Safe? Read Below

I installed This app from F-Droid app yesterday and i scanned it using Virus-total through Guardian Project Checkey.
One of Virus-total Scanner flagged this app so i looked why and it seems like the classes.dex file within this app seems to trigger the flag. I don’t know if it is a false positive or there is truly something wrong.
Can someone with coding/ Auditing expertise audit this app? maybe check the classes.dex file if you don’t have time to check whole app?

App version is 6.21.2

I Factory reset my phone after i got the flag immediately. Should that be enough if in case the app does turn out to be a true threat?

Yes, it is.

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I know it means nothing to you, but I stand for Tibor. Tibor does not make malware.

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Tibor’s Simple gallery is default in DivestOS, so it must be great!

“applications that look great, feel smooth, and are stable.”

Stable means something to me, but look great and feel smooth is about as meaningful as tastes great and less filling. :laughing: Whatever sells snacks!

Iv used Simple Gallery for years, there is no malware in it. I don’t think even the Play Store version has any trackers either like most. Great developers, I haven’t found a better gallery app either. Great balance between features and reliability. Also love the tap feature so I don’t have to swipe through pics lol

The Play version has a non-FOSS photo editor included.

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