Is Nekogram actually safe to publish?

Nekogram developer opened the merge request today.

I have had recent issues with the team. Their app has lots of trackers and when questioned they kept deleting the issues raised and kept blocking people who raised it. Like I was blocked on their Git as well for raising issues.

I had raised issue #30 which they deleted and blocked me. I had responded on #24 and they deleted that as well. Almost all of their issues are deleted and I am sure almost all of them are related to privacy breaches. See few attached snaps to realize that issues were no longer located and then how I was blocked on their Git.

I got blocked

Please do let me know if anything other detail is needed.

I know the developer has created a FOSS Git, but my concern is, why to track on personal and private stuff? Foogle and others are breaching every day anyways.

@vdbhb59 Maybe they/ve cleaned up…

I don’t trust a person or team who keeps deleting and banning for raising legitimate concerns. Also, I can see the request for Foss version has the comment “Please just don’t delete this request.”. Also, if you go through the issue chronology they have 5 open and 6 closed with total issue numbers up to 47. Surely they delete when confronted like I showed above. Also why need of any tracking?

Link to the FOSS repo where the tracking is seen pls?!

That FOSS is a copy paste of TG FOSS. You do see what I am saying here. Trusting some team like that? Plus they seem to be kangers.

kangers…pfft :slight_smile:

No… scroll down…it’s the TG FOSS liberating patches ON TOP of Nekogram

Compare with (scroll down to Feb 25)

Dont tell me TG FOSS kangs… :sweat_smile:

Did go through. They removed OSMAnd too. :sweat_smile:

Here some our short analysis from our platform at Hybrid Analysis and Immuniweb.

Hybrid Analysis :-

Found an IP/URL artifact that was identified as malicious by at least one reputation engine


2/72 reputation engines marked “” as malicious (2% detection rate)


External System



Immuniweb :-

Nekogram test results | 10 potential security flaws found: 0 high risk, 4 medium risk and 6 low risk.

This version is not published anywhere…did you build the APK ?

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