Is it safe to Sync Fennec with Firefox desktop?


I’m using Firefox in multiple desktop GNU+Linux distros all synced with the Firefox Sync. This has been the case for several years.

Now I’m starting to use Fennec from F-Droid over LineageOS in an old Moto E (LTE) and wanted to know if is it safe to log-in into my account and activate Sync or if there’s any risk to something failing and corrupting my bookmarks, history, etc.

Any idea/info/help?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I have been using Fennec + LOS for a couple of months now without issues.


Thanks a lot for your answer, @darioce.

My question was specifically about the Sync function (between Fennec and Firefox for desktop), have you tried that?

Thanks again.

Yes, I have set up Sync with Firefox 88.0.1 on my GNU/Linux machine. I am syncing Bookmarks, History, Logins and Open tabs and it all works very well.


Firefox Sync between two Fennecs (phone and tablet) and desktop Firefox (I’m using Fedora) works well for me.


Great to know.
Thanks a lot, @darioce and @relan, for both your answers!
Kind regards!

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