Is it safe to sideload VLC from their site?

Since the VLC in the repos are outdated and is discouraged to be used, is there some kind of difference if I sideload the app or I install if from the repos?


Unless you have F-Droid baked into your ROM, you must have “Install from Unknown Sources” checked in settings. This is a (very minor) security vulnerability (if at all). If VLC was in F-Droid, they would build it from the same sources that VLC builds from. If you don’t trust them, don’t install VLC.

However, if you install VLC from the site, you know that VLC is distributing them (assuming that you install via HTTPS).

The only thing to think about, is if VLC pushes an update, you won’t be notified. But you will already be more up-to-date than F-Droid.

Personally, I use VLC from VLC’s site.

I side loaded F-Droid on my device so “Unknown Sources” are enabled.

So the only difference between installing from their site and through F-Droid is having the ability to receive updates? That I can live with, thanks for answering.

Do you have issues with the testing builds by the way? I can’t enable the dark UI with v2.1.6.

VLC isn’t happy to see age-old builds on F-Droid but the latest stable release on the Play Store dates back to 08/12/2016…