Is it possible to "take over" old packages which have become abandoned?

There is an app (share my number) which I forked 2 months or so ago but which was last updated nearly 4 years ago. I’m pretty sure the author has moved on, but it is a useful app, so I would like to continue maintaining it.

Is this possible? I think the AUR has a process for flagging out-of-date packages and then transferring ownership by contacting one of the Arch maintainers. I’m unsure if F-droid has something similar, but I would like to continue releasing under the old package name given that what few users it currently has expect it to be there and not somewhere else.

It seems no, there is not: com.luorrak.ouroboros is abandoned but I've forked and updated it (#1166) · Issues · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

Otherwise, you can submit your fork with a different app ID.

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have you tried to mail to github user “Andrulko” ?

according to Network Graph · characterdog/share-my-number · GitHub the fork of user "Andrulko " automatically receives all the translaton updates from crowdin.

It would be great if you merge these changes into your branch, too

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