Is it legal to Publish f-droid apps on google play?

Is it legal to Publish f-droid apps on google play??

Publish on Google Play? Legal? What’s your meaning exactly? What do you want to do?

I think the question is “Can I take other people’s work and upload a copycat for my own profit while not giving anything back to the community?”

The answer is: Depends on the license of the app. Consider contributing to the project instead of just freeloading.


GNU GPL V3 ??? what about it

Read the license text. It says everything you need to know. The GPL allows additional clauses, so you really need to read and understand the license file of that specific application. If you are unsure, contact your lawyer - in particular (but not limited to) when you want to monetize the clone.

Great, yes you can, setup a repo with YOUR source-code for your fork, because it needs to be open too.

It needs to be open-source but that is not the only requirement. For the full list of requirements, you need to read and understand the license yourself. Strangers on the internet (including me) cannot give you binding legal advice.

No. F-Droid app can’t be on Google Play:

although the link there to G’s “terms of service” doesn’t seem very useful now. Couldn’t even find the word “compete” or “competition.”

Legal? What’s legal? Only courts decide if terms of service have to be obeyed or what’s legal. “Common law” says anything goes, and almost nobody even reads TOS. GPL, wikipedia, anywhere…

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