Is it just me or is the default F-Droid client the best?

Personally, i just really dont like the F-Droid forks all to much. Was curious if anyone felt the same way?


L_K blinks twice we think the same too L_K blinks twice again


Thanks, its nice to receive some direct positive feedback! I don’t want to cast shade on the others, I think different people have different needs and desires. So while I also like the official client, I appreciate that we have the freedom to make alternate versions, and people take advantage of that freedom.


F-Droid official client is still the only one with proper mirror support :slight_smile:


The main advantage of the official F-Droid client is that it’s always at least as up-to-date as the main repo-server system, so improvements propagate immediately, for years now.

The main disadvantage (imho) is the interface, so most forks improve that (per each dev’s opinion).

This itself is a disadvantage for the forks, b/c very few (if any) have enough of a dev/userbase to survive the original dev’s eventual demotivation to continue to update to match the OG client’s actual improvements.

Having gone through the client cycle of official :arrows_counterclockwise: fork several times, I’ve finally settled on the official fork F-Droid Basic. IMHO, the interface is still not as good as the OG’s original before the UI refresh a few years ago, but its backend is superb & regularly improving, & gets rid of all the cruft I’ll never use. Since I don’t live on the client, this is the best there currently is.

Still waiting on repo subscription import/export, though, from any client.…

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It really depends on your use case. All of them are somehow buggy and all of them are becoming better.

The official one has the best mirror support and other clients only allow me choosing a single mirror.

The official one and Droid-ify support description localization and Neo Store doesn’t support that yet.

Only the official one supports index-v2 and other clients are still working on this.

I won’t use the official client before it supports session installer on Xiaomi devices. All other clients allow me choosing the installer except the official one.

It’s a little depressing that everyone works on their own buggy client and now we have many buggy clients instead of a good one.


F-droid Basic has done auto-updates on stock unrooted Android for some time now, & I’ve read that the official base client will enable that any build now. IIUC, that’s done via session? Idk whether it works on Xiaomi: have you tried it, @linsui? Or do you need other features from the main build?

The installer is buggy on Xiaomi devices running Stock ROM

the way to detect them is to read manufacturer info, so even if Linsui runs Divest OS or Lineage or whatever OS, it still advertises itself as Xiaomi

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