Is F-Droid infrastructure having problems right now?

I’ve noticed that download speeds are super low and the main website is down, is the F-Droid team having problems?

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Yes i noticed it too thought it was my internet bogging me down but whatever it is they might be working on it

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i thought this might be censorship

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im used to ISP level blocking but i dont understand why the repositories are still blank in my emulator image

i can confirm that this is censorship 100%

This is not censorship. points to multiple IP address in round robin, some of it is having issues.

$ host has address has address
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ok thank you for looking into it i will edit my post

Seems that it is working now but still the images/icons load time is very slow

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I am not sure about now but few days ago, the app was taking so long, I had to use a browser to download fennec. And it was still dragging

You may try It’s CDN delivered. But likely it will only be rolled out in certain regions. Track the discussions here:

Testing it, including adding to your fdroidclient, helps us determine how we can optimize the caching & compression.

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