Is supposed to act like this?

It is probably off-topic, but I saw similar posts here, and since I have nowhere else to ask, I will ask that stupid question:

IS IT MALWARE? Should I burn my phone immediately or not? Because now I really want to. But I actually understand, that it sounds somewhat ridiculous, so maybe someone will help me to understand better.

In short, not so long ago I noticed camera usage icon on my phone, when there was for sure no need for camera usage by any app at that time. 95% of my apps are from F-Droid, 5% installed through Aurora Store. No new installations lately. I never noticed it before.
It lasts at least for 20 seconds, then I looked what app used my camera, and turns out it is “Settings” app. Moreover, it accessed my location not long before, but I never noticed location usage icon, probably because it was very brief. And it continued to track my location after this, by the way, but no more camera usage. The point is that I have 0 non-system apps with location access permission, and “use location” toggle is set to off like always.
Together with other strange things that my phone do lately (increased battery usage, sudden lags, really bad internet connection), it points me to the thought that the phone is not OK anymore.
But on the other hand, I understand, that it sounds lame, and real malware probably can’t be “tracked” like this.
Am I wrong?

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