Is cache cleaner app same on both github and fdroid?

I installed 1.4.2 version from there guithub page but it didn’t work for some reason my device does not allow me to allow accessbility for the app. But app from fdroid iit work which is on verson 1.3.2 and it worked. But after that i tried to update the app from my filemanger and it got updated, as we know fdroid sign their app by their own key then how is it possible to update fdroid app with the app feom github.

The github link: GitHub - bmx666/android-appcachecleaner: Android Cache Cleaner

Fdroid app download link :


Its look like accessbility option not allowing is because of android 13 update. But its funny because same app installed from fdroid client works fine without any issue but when the same app installed from file manager like mix plorer it does not until allowed restricted permission setting for the app.

But i can still install github app on top of app from fdroid repo. Is it possible that both have same signature key?

The app is build reproducible, so fdroid does not sign it but picks up the one from the dev, that’s how it works metadata/com.github.bmx666.appcachecleaner.yml · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

Version 1.4.2 will be build this cycle…

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