Is anyone working on getting a Nostr client into F-Droid

I’m curious to have a play with Nostr, as I have with ScuttleButt, but I can’t find any Nostr apps in F-Droid. Am I missing something? Is anyone working on getting a Nostr client packaged for inclusion in F-Droid?

There was one. Amethyst is not actually free / open source software (#2973) · Issues · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

There are many other Nostr clients. You can help package them. It’s not difficult. Just no one is interested in doing that.

@linsui I have commented on that Issue. TL;DR IANAL but… the whole thing seems like a storm in a teacup and easily fixed by simply compiling Amethyst without the file, without AFAIK is invalidated by the “MIT” license on the source code.

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