Is an Android TV version planned for "F-Droid" in the future?

Is an Android TV version planned for “F-Droid” in the future ?

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I don’t know of any F-Droid devs who are interested in working on Android TV, but we’d happily support someone who wants to take it on.

would be nice :rofl:

Looks like Android TV apps do not require any proprietary tools or libraries and can be sideloaded to real devices:

So nothing’s preventing one from adding Android TV support into F-Droid client. Not sure that you’ll find many TV-enabled apps in the main repo, but this feature may be useful for businesses.

My app could be TV compatible, I searched a bit, but never had time.
Maybe there are too much dependencies in F-Droid…

@relan, do we have a meta data about TV support? (like in manifest)
Could be a nice filter to add, to search an app.

I have F-Droid installed on my Nvidia Shield TV. The only issue I have noticed is that is does not play well with the onscreen keyboard when using a remote.

@hotlittlewhitedog, F-Droid metadata format (and client itself) does not know anything about TVs.

@thrilleratplay, does your Shield TV allow to install any app or only those that were sideloaded or declare Android TV support?

@relan I have only tried a handful of apps from F-Droid but never had a problem with installing them. Based on only on trying this on the Sheild TV and spoofing the device in the Yelp store, I believe the Android TV metadata is only for compatibility and support. As best as I can tell, it is really only used to determining whether or nor it should appear in the Google Play store for the device.

Another oddity with the FDroid client on Android TV. It does not appear in the leanback launcher. I have to start it by going through settings. Likely another use of those metadata tags.

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