IPFS mirrors



As @Swedneck has shown, it is possible to run F-Droid mirrors via IPFS. So I’m starting this thread for that topic.

One specific request: the Android URL matchers look for the path fdroid/repo/. So the IPFS mirror should also match that, e.g.:


Both your links should work now :smiley:


you can try them out in F-Droid client by clicking/sending this link to


Did I miss them? Also, the links in 1st post don’t add as mirrors, nor consolidate after fingerprints are retrieved. Is that correct/normal?


Oops, the email gateway swallowed them, here they are again:


So, they add (ok, not as I expected as pure mirrors), but 1 can’t download the actual APKs from them. Is that as expected, @hans & @Swedneck⁉️


Downloading APKs works fine for me, do you mean in the browser or in fdroid?


Via F-Droid.… Do they require special client software?


F-Droid should see a normal http website, like any other repository.
I just tested https://fdroid.swedneck.xyz/fdroid/repo in my fdroid app and it works fine for me…


(Old grandfather has not been a nuisance lately, so…) Besides the difference in the number of apps each contains, is there any difference between the apps in the two F-Droid repos?