Integrating RepoMaker and Tor

I’m interested in deploying an SSH server to act as a backup personal repo for an android configuration file with necessary apks. In order to further protect the sanctity of the data, it makes sense to deploy it using the Tor network.

Does anyone have experience deploying SSH servers to the Tor network? Specifically, SSH over HTTPS and incorporating port knocking?

I’d also like to incorporate automatic downloads and updates to the applications.

Can anyone think of any cool features I may be missing?

I’m also interested in the applications, boot order, etc.

Ideally, I’d get a new android phone.

Connect to wifi.

Update the phone OS.

Download a package from an encrypted IP address that updates on Twitter, pastebin, etc.

Install the first part of that package which would configure the phone for privacy and use the tools to download and install the next package from the Tor server.

I don’t mind posting the source code somewhere like pastebin so the results can be duplicated.

Running SSH over Tor is pretty common and straightforward. I do it via ~/.ssh/config and setting a ProxyCommand. There are many online HOWTOs for that. The next level is making the sshd only visible via a Tor Onion Service. I don’t know what you mean by SSH over HTTPS. Port knocking is probably overkill if you use a Tor Onion Service and do not publish the .onion address.

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