Insular & Shelter on EMUI 9

Since I doesn’t useany Google-Apps, I wanted to isolate those. I tried using Insular & Shelter but both doesnt seem to work. Any alternatives? Tips?

This issue might be related to your device/manufacturer not correctly implementing Android Work Profile (EMUI 9).

See here for example:

The link said Huawei devices aren’t supported.

I just came home, started my Phone and was curious if it still doesn’t work. I just started it and now it seems to work. (Talking about insular)

Things I changed (possible Solutions):

  • created another profile on the device
  • set insular as system admin
    (Settings -> Security -> advanced settings -> system administrators -> insular)

I might test shelter in a while aswell…

Mske sure you can see any notifications from Shelter as the setup wont finish without clicking a notification it sends

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