Insular - a few major beginner questions

Im searching for a Multi User (or profile) sulution for my S22 Ultra.
Unfortunately Multi User Support is not built in (or deactivated) by Samsung.
So i can use Insular
I have tried once…

My main question for now are
1.) During setup…the current profile is set to personal and a 2nd one us created named work. I want to use this on my business phone, so can the setup be dofferent, that the Island is personal and the mainland is work?

2.) When i setup e.g. outlook in the island, and im in tge normal desktop of the mainland, will in get Notification when a mail is received by outlook island?

3.) Can the island also have a normal desktop, or is this only accessible by "swiping up and click “work”?
When i swipe down to get my normal UI, im always in Mainland. Can i choose this?

4.) New app installation for island is always installing in mainland and then cloning to island?
Can after that the app in mainland be deleted?

5.) How yo do whatsapp? With 2 sim cards. Only cloning? Or also setup in Androud OS?

Best from Singapore

Or are there netter/easier solution ( im tiered of carrying alsways 2 phones, i want to merge to one)

It’s just a name, you can put in the “island” whatever you want :slight_smile:


For that use Android Profiles, you don’t need Insular for that


Not open source lol

Cloning and setup in the Island, yes

As said, see if Android Profiles work better for your usecase

Thank you
Unfortunately Android Profiles us NOT available in Samsung S22Ultra
This point does not exist

It’s just a name, you can put in the “island” whatever you want :slight_smile:

Hmm…when install it, i have personal and work to chooses. Where work is the island

I think these are the 2 profiles, or are this the mainland/island? How/where i can rename them

I didn’t mean “rename” just that you seem to care that “it is named” like that. :slight_smile:

Ignore the name, treat them separately, that’s all.

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