Instant update app on repo

Hello there,

Hope you all doing well in this Covid Pandemic.

I’v successfully install F-Droid and FDroid Privileged Extension to allow auto update.(i no longer have to press update button to update and install new version)

Everything working fine, but that’s when i am inside F-Droid, when i was running other apps, i update new version of those apps on repo. It’s seem fdroid doesn’t automatically download and install new version immediately.

I have to open F-Droid. pull down on repo tab for it to fetch & install new version.

In setting there is “Automatic update interval”, but the smaller option is hourly. I’v tried several way and find out that fdroid support command like:

fdroid install com.kyoz.myapp:0.0..1

But everytime i tried it just print:

CRITICAL: No signed APK available for com.kyoz.myapp

Although i’v run fdroid update and the new versions is showing on FDroid app.

Thank you very much

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