Installing F-Droid Client App when Developer options is enabled?

Hi Folks,

In anticipation of using scrcpy (Android Screen Casting) on Linux and installing EasyTether for Android I have enabled “Developer options”.

“Developer options” needs to be enabled in order to enable “USB debugging” which is required for both applications. For further information you can look at the following pages.

Introducing scrcpy

Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device

How to tether Android

Download EasyTether drivers

Therefore, I would like to know if the F-Droid Client App can be installed when Developer options is enabled?

Thanks, Danke, Merci, Gracias, Tak, Obrigado, Michael.

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Sure it can, why not? Having Developer Options enabled, you can even use adb install F-Droid.apk after having downloaded the APK to your computer. And before you ask: yes, you can also install other apps (e.g. with the F-Droid app) while developer options are enabled. I do that all the time :wink:


Hi Izzy et al,

I am a “babe in the woods” when it comes to Android.

I want to remove all the Google Apps from my phone (UMIDIGI Z2 Special Edition) which I imported from China and came with Android 8.1.

Should I remove the Google Apps before installing the F-Droid Client or is it safe to install the client Before removing the apps?


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Doesn’t matter at all…

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Actually, removing all the Google apps that shipped with your device is a thing almost impossible to achieve. If you really want to go completely Google-free, the way to go is a custom ROM – but I doubt there is one for a device that unknown (I might be wrong here, though). So the closest you can get to it is uninstalling what you can (and don’t need), disabling the rest you don’t need, and that’s it. You’ll still be left with the Google Play Services, and some other apps, unfortunately.

As for the order: As long as you don’t start over with a custom ROM, it’s as Licaon_Kter just wrote: doesn’t really matter. I’d start with our app and see step by step which of the non-free apps you can replace by free apps from here.

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