Installed F-Droid App necessary to download other apps?

Sorry for this questions, I am new to f-droid.

Assume I want to download an Android App foobar from F-Droid. Is it required to install F-droid App in advance?

Or can I find (how ?) the foobar.apk, download it via browser to my Smartphone and install it here WITHOUT F-Droid.apk?

Provided I would have installed f-droid App on my smartphone: Are automatic (!) updates of all previous Apps possible which I downloaded previously from F-droid?

Thank you

yes, it s possible to download apps from f-droid webpage and install them directly on your phone.

Activate “install from insecure sources” in settings and you are done.

You have to do that in order to install f-droid app anyway.

This has the advantage that you get update notifications an update through f-droid.

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