Installed apps that I didn't install

I have a simple delimma, when I download an fdroid repo, I select manage installed apps and at last count on ver. 1.4.1, there were 139 apps showing installed on my device, I have only installed one of them. I have noted the specific version numbers on several of these apps and when I go into my device settings>apps I see these same version numbers listed beside apps with different names and icons, many saved as system apps with no way to delete or uninstall them. Yes Im aware I’m hacked. Really need help on how to delete these apps from my phone and stop it from continuing. Also, no my phone is not rooted and all that I’ve researched says it can’t be. Thanks in advance for any help at all. Liz

Fixed in 1.3.1, you need to force close the app, clean app DATA, resetup sync, additional repos, retry :wink:

OK thanks very much for your help, I will try that.

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