Installation with multi-user Fairphone

Hello everybody,
I’ve got a problem with FDroid installation.
In fact, I’ve got a Fairphone 2, and I’m trying to create a personal user and a professionnal user.
FDroid is already installed on personnal user, but I can’t install it on my professional one. When I launch the apk, I’ve got the message " Application non installée " (or something like : Application not installed).
I think the problem is that I can’t install the app several times, maybe there’s a solution to install the app one time for all users?

Thanks by advance for your help.


Nice. :slight_smile: Me too.

You could definitely install F-Droid as a system app, then ever user can use it.

There is actually a guide on the Fairphone Forum:

It’s about more than just installing F-Droid as system app, so to you only steps 1.4 and 4 are relevant. You just have to have the custom recovery TWRP installed (comes with Open OS) or can be installed from here:

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Thank you, but, I don’t really understand. I have Fairphone Open OS… so TWRP should be installed? If not, should I install it like I installed Fairphone Open?
TWRP is a simple Application or should I launch it from differently than application?
Do I have to root my phone? I’m not very confident with this idea :roll_eyes:

By the way, thanks again for your answer :wink:


If it weren’t you’d have to flash it. It’s not just an app to install.

Basically all you have to do now is download the F-Droid.apk (direct link) and save it somewhere on the phone.
Then turn off your phone and when it’s off press Power and Volume Up until you see “TWRP” on the screen.
Wait until the TWRP menu appears and go to TWRP’s file manager.
With that move the F-Droid.apk to /system/priv-app.

Oh thank you very much, it works. I’ve been working for months on it. :grin:

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Glad it’s working now. :slight_smile:
Does installing apps via F-Droid on the second user too?
If so can we close this topic?

No, in fact when I try to install an app with FDroid on my secondary account (professional) I’ve got an “Error -3 : The URI passed in is invalid.” I don’t have this problem with my first account.

I just created a secondary user to test this and I realized: You could have also just flashed the privileged extension instead of installing F-Droid as a system app, because that’s what I did and F-Droid is already available for my newly created user.
If your next update uninstalls F-Droid (I don’t know if Open OS currently uninstalls 3rd party system apps - I’m on lineage OS and it doesn’t) try the privileged extension instead.

Anyways: I can install and uninstall apps on the secondary user without problems. I’m out of ideas, hopefully someone else can help.

PS: Well no I do have the issue of not being able to uninstall apps too. I just don’t get your error message.
Maybe this is a case for the Fairphone bugtracker:

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since the last Fairphone Open update (based on Android 7) the problem disappeared. FDroid still as a system app on my phone and work correctly. (I don’t even have the error message “Error -3 : The URI passed in is invalid.")
So, all is ok now thanks to update.

Well thank you very much for your help Paula :blush:

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I’ve encountered the same problem which was solved by uninstalling and then reinstalling Fdroid on the main user profile, before installing it again on the new user profile. It seems that installing an application for a new user with a different certificate does not work. In my particular case the first installation of Fdroid on the main user profile was almost a year old and had been updated several times.
Idea for this fix came from the following stack overflow topic (answer from Javi) :

I then had the same “Error -3 : The URI passed in is invalid." error, which was indeed corrected by the last Fairphone Open update based on android 7 (18.10.0).