Install F-droid from a computer

I’m wondering how to download and install F-droid from my computer? That is, I’d first download the apk file to my computer, then transfer it to the phone, but then, how to proceed?


Why not download directly on the device?

Anyway once you put the file on the device, use a file manager and install the APK

I try to tap the APK in the file manager, but nothing happens, just the message “could not open the file”. I have enabled installation of apps from “other sources”.

Thanks! Does it matter where on the phone I put the APK? Do I need the PGP signature?

Nope, it should work, what device? Android version?

I use a Fairphone 2, Android version 6.0.1.

Hi Lise,
it should not matter where you put your apk file, anyway you can try to download it on your phone so it will be in the “Downloads”-folder. But you should first try to install another file-manager because the system ones sometimes lack the ability to handle such files. I recommend Simple File Manager(open this file in your browser on your phone. it will redirect you to the google play store), this one is on F-Droid, too.
Please tell us if you have had success. And if you fail again please reply with the folder your apk is in. Good luck,

Hi Lise,

The great thing about the older Fairphone 2 (as opposed to the newer Fairphone 3, for now at least) is you should be able to install the FairphoneOpenOS on it, downloadable from a link on the above mentioned page, or here (not sure why but Cloudflare have just denied me access to all Fairphone pages so I can’t actually check this link for you). This OS doesn’t have the Gooqle Play Store or, it is said, “any Google strings attached”.

I’m no expert in this area. The Fairphone website has a Troubleshooting page / FAQ, so you may have luck there. They also have a forum. If all else fails, contact Fairphone support email at support@[their_website_domain].com

@webDev I think not everybody here wants to leave google(or has the ability and time to take the necessary steps)

Thanks a lot for your comments and advice!
It’s likely that it’s my file explorer that is the problem; that it can’t handle APK files. (I have also tried to install earlier versions of F-droid.)
I am doing an experiment: How far can I get without Google? I have Chrome on my phone, but I haven’t (yet) accepted its terms and started to use it. Now it seems that I will have to use Chrome to get F-droid installed, as my file explorer can’t help me (if I don’t change the OS). Now that I have read Google’s terms, it seems that they con’t collect any data about me from basic use of Chrome, so maybe I’ll do that… but, if it is indeed possible to download a Google-free OS (with some help from my IT friends), that is a tempting option to try. (I was a bit annoyed that I had to accept some Google terms even to be allowed to use my phone for calling and texting.)
Istalling F-droid was easy on my Fairphone 1. Is it getting more and more difficult to avoid Google?
Again, thanks for your advice!

You could download F-Droid privileged OTA(don’t worry why it’s a zip file) on your pc and install it from within recovery mode(if you want to give it a try and you don’t know how, I/we can help you, of course). This installs F-Droid without a file manager(and gives it system privileges).

Thanks! does it matter on the phone?

What do you mean? If you worry about “download … on your pc”, of course you can do that from your phone, too.

“Depend on the type of phone”, is what I think that person was asking. Agree it’s unclear.

Could you please write me where you found this. Can’t find that sentence.

Possible translation: does it “depend(?)” on the phone? (ie. make and model)

Agree, it’s unclear. Possibly a person with english as a second-language.

Ah ok. My Bad :grinning:.
It should work on every android out there.

Could you be a little more precise?

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