Index File - error opening zip file

Hi, I have installed f-droid on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android 8.1 and on my Samsung A21s phone running Android 10. Up until recently all was ok but now on my tab, whenever I try to update the repos I get the following error:

“Error getting f-droid index file - unable to open zip file. All other repos updated”

This is only on my tab, the phone updates ok.
I have the following repos active:

F-droid archive
Guardian project archive
Guardian project official releases
Bitwarden f-droid repo (unsigned)
Microg f-droid repo

All the posts i have been able to find relate to f-droid servers running on desk/laptops so any help would be appreciated.


A few weeks ago we have discussed on this error and this is the post.

The problem is the F-Droid Archive repository interacting with the main repo i.e. you main repo “F-Droid” which stores the apps you use from

You don’t need this repo as previously mentioned because all you use are usually from the main repo, and @Licaon_Kter mentioned that it’s only for developing usages. Therefore switch off syning the “F-Droid Archive” will solve the error and won’t affect your daily usages.

Hi JohnFai,

Tks for responding.

My bad, i should have said that i saw that post and have already tried that with no effect. I have also cleared the cache for the app, again no difference.

It onlyseems to affect the zip file with Android 8 on my Tab and not Android 10 on my phone.

So I have now uninstalled f-droid v1 and reinstalled f-droid v1.11 and all seems to be ok.

Tks for the help


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